PREMIUM QUALITY AUTO BRAKE PADS REPAIR & SERVICE Brake Repair Service Brake Skim / Turn Service Disc Brake System change Brake Caliper Assembly Repalce Brake Booster Replacement Brake Performance Inspection Brake & Disc Rotors Repalce We Don't Compromise on Premium Quality & Genuine Parts LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO LOGO WE ARE HIGLY SPECIALIZED IN FRONT & REAR BRAKE PADS & DISC REPLACEMENT Resurfacing Serviced Drum or Rotor Brake System Overview

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We Provide Quality Car Brake Pads Repair & Service In Dubai.  For Free Brake Pads Inspection, Car Brake Pads Change, Car Brake Pads Replace, Car Brake Pads Replacement Cost, Car Brake Dick Change/Repalce, Car Brake Disk Skimming, Car Brake Pads Fluid Change, Car Brake Pads Caliper Change/Replace, Car Metallic Brake Pad Repair, Car Ceramic Brake Pads Replace, Car Semi Metallic Brake Pads Change, Ate Brake Disk & Brake Pads Change In Dubai. Please Contact Our Service Advisor Now. 0543000214

A Glimpse Of Our Working Portfolio :

What Includes In Brake Pads Service:

  • Free Brake Pads Inspection
  • Front Brake Pads Change/Replace
  • Rear Brake Pads Change/Repalce
  • Disc Skimming/Resurfacing/Refacing/Turning
  • Front & Rear Brake Disc Change(If Needed)
  • Brake Booster Replace(If Needed)
  • Brake Caliper Replace(If Needed)
  • Abs Modulator Replace(If Needed)
  • Abs Wheel Speed Sensor Replace(If Needed)
  • Brake Rotors Replace(If Needed)
  • Brake Cylinder Replace(If Needed)
  • Road Test To Make Sure The Job Has Been Done Perfectly.
  • We Wash & Vacuum.

Call Our Service Adviser For Expert Opinion & More Information. 04 344 9593

Independent Car Brake Repair & Service In Dubai

Are You Looking For An Experienced & Honest Car Brake Repair & Service Center In Dubai? That Can Fix Your Car Quickly & For A Fair Price? If the answer is “YES” then you are at the right place. We have been serving Car Owners vehicles in Dubai for many years. We have achieved a 98% customer satisfaction approval rating and have hundreds of happy, repeat clients.

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