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Lexus Suspension Repair In Dubai

We Provide Quality Lexus Suspension Repair Dubai.  We Are Specialised In Lexus Suspension Inspection, Lexus Suspension Service, Lexus Air Suspension Repair, Lexus Suspension Rebuild, Lexus Suspension Change, Lexus Suspension Replacement, Lexus Shock Service, Lexus Shock Rebuild, Lexus Shock Change, Lexus Shock Replacement, Lexus Check Suspension Light In Dubai. Lexus Suspension Repair Garage In Dubai. Please Contact Our Service Advisor Now. 0543000214


The suspension system involves various key components that adds to the comfort of the ride as well as improving the steering and distributing energy that is created between the vehicle and the road more evenly throughout the car.


As you drive along the road there are countless bumps and holes as no road is exactly smooth. When you go over a hole or a bump, there is a lot of energy created through the wheel that then goes into the car.

The suspension system will work on using the friction that is inevitably created between the road and the wheels in order to provide you with sufficient handling and a stable form of steering which then provides those in the car with a more comfortable ride.


At The Mechanic Auto Center we diagnose & Repair your Auto Suspension properly with our professional computerized equipment and manually, We also try to save customer cost by giving better options and best quality services. We are best Lexus suspension repair garage in al quoz Dubai. We are working on all Lexus models such as gs430 Suspension Repair, Lexus rx350 Suspension Repair, ls600 Suspension Repair, nx300 Suspension Repair, Lexus NX 200t Suspension Repair Dubai, gs Suspension Repair, Lexus is350 Suspension Repair Lexus nx200t Suspension Repair, lexus Gs Suspension Repair, lfa Suspension Repair, Lexus LC 500 Suspension Repair Dubai, f300 Suspension Repair, ls 450 Suspension Repair, f200 Suspension Repair, RC F Suspension Repair, lc500 Suspension Repair, Lexus SC Suspension Repair, Lexus LC Suspension Repair, Lexus sc300 Suspension Repair, ls350 Suspension Repair, Lexus sc430 Suspension Repair, LX Series Suspension Repair, Lexus is250 Suspension Repair, Lexus is200 Suspension Repair, Lexus gx460 Suspension Repair, Lexus is300 Suspension Repair, Lexus ls460 Suspension Repair, gxsuv Suspension Repair, Lexus Rx Suspension Repair, Lexus RC Suspension Repair Dubai, gs460 Suspension Repair, Lexus ls400 Suspension Repair, LX Series Suspension Repair Dubai, Lexus NX300 Suspension Repair Dubai, lx460 Suspension Repair, Lexus ES Series Suspension Repair Dubai, gs400 Suspension Repair, ls200 Suspension Repair, Lexus es350 sport Suspension Repair, Lexus es350 v6 Suspension Repair, rx450 Suspension Repair, f250 Suspension Repair, lx450 Suspension Repair, Lexus IS F Suspension Repair, Lexus Rx Series Suspension Repair Dubai, Lexus IS C Suspension Repair Dubai. Lexus NX 200t Suspension Repair, Lexus IS SERIES Suspension Repair Dubai, Lexus NX300 Suspension Repair, gs4 Suspension Repair, Lexus es350 Suspension Repair, Lexus c250 Suspension Repair, Lexus c Suspension Repair, Lexus GX Series Suspension Repair Dubai, Lexus rc Suspension Repair, f350 Suspension Repair, gs200 Suspension Repair, Lexus lx470 Suspension Repair, SC Suspension Repair, Lexus LS Suspension Repair Dubai, Lexus gx470 Suspension Repair, nx200 Suspension Repair, lexus Gx Suspension Repair, Lexus Gs Series Suspension Repair Dubai, lx Suspension Repair, Lexus gs300 Suspension Repair, Lexus LFA Suspension Repair Dubai, lfa Suspension Repair, Lexus es300 Suspension Repair. Lexus es Suspension Repair, ls500 Suspension Repair, Lexus RC F Suspension Repair Dubai, Lexus LS SERIES Suspension Repair, rcf Suspension Repair, Lexus lx570 Suspension Repair, IS C Suspension Repair, Lexus IS Suspension Repair. We are Lexus air suspension rebuild, replace, replacement, change, service and repair specialist workshop in dubai. We provide best shock maintenance in dubai. We offer attractive prices then all other workshops. We are using dealer level tools and we have certified technicians for Lexus. We provide free estimate on All parts with genuine authentication at low cost. We also do programming for all ECU parts and provide full vehicle comprehensive inspection report. We do not compromise on quality serving best on your car in affordable prices.

The Mechanic Auto Center helps you to Diagnose Steering & Suspension Repair in Your Vehicle. Our technicians examine the coils, shocks, and struts so we know your vehicle can handle any dips or bumps in the road. Every time your car travels down a bumpy road, this impacts the steering and suspension. Your car absorbs every blow and maintains its balance, but eventually, you’ll need to visit an automotive technician. The Mechanic Autos test your steering and suspension systems so we know if your car needs simple repairs or a total replacement. Beings a Human, we take on more and more stress until we breakdown. Cars are similar because every dip, dive, and bump adds more stress to the steering and suspensions system. Your car needs steering and suspension repair after a certain amount of stress. You’ll feel shaking, vibrations, and drifting when you know it’s time to visit. Our Certified Experts Take Care of your Car. Our technician at The Mechanic Autos can better diagnose this issue and run the proper suspension and steering tests. If your car is drifting or every drive turns into a bumpy ride, our Service Expert today. Your car should run safely and smoothly without shaking or wrong directions. We will service the steering and suspension repair in one quick appointment at our Work shop. Call today to schedule your appointment


  • Original Suspension
  • Suspension System Damage Repair Experts
  • Wishbones/ Links Conditions
  • Ball Joints
  • Suspension Bushes
  • Anti-Roll Bars
  • Shock Absorber Condition
  • Drive Shaft Boots
  • Suspension Noise Or Vibration
  • Air Suspension
  • Suspension Mechanics
  • Air Shocks Observer
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Carriage Service
  • Suspension Alignment
  • Struts, Axlex
  • Performance Suspension
  • The suspension is down
  • Clunking going over bumps
  • Squeaking going over bumps
  • Bouncy Ride
  • Floaty 
  • Excessive Body Roll Through Corners
  • Excessive tyre/tire Wear
  • poor steering feel
  • Uneven ride hight
  • Air Suspension leakage
  • Shocks Absorber
  • Coil Spring Replacement
  • Shock Absorbers Replacement
  • 100% Warranty*


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