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Volkswagen repair

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VW REPAIR - The Mechanic autos
VW maintenance Portfolio
VW maintenance Portfolio
VW REPAIR - The Mechanic autos
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Volkswagen Garage Dubai

Are You Looking For An Experienced & Honest Volkswagen Repair & Service Center In Dubai? That Can Fix Your Car Quickly & For A Fair Price? If the answer is “YES” then you are at the right place. We have been serving Volkswagen Owners vehicles in Dubai for many years. We have achieved a 98% customer satisfaction approval rating and have hundreds of happy, repeat clients.

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How We Work :

  • We Pick Up Your Volkswagen ( Free ).
  • Inspect Your Volkswagen According To Your Complaints & Thoroughly By Our Experienced Technicians.
  • Our Service Adviser Updates You With The Inspection Report.
  • We Provide The Estimate with Best Prices Guaranteed.
  • You Approve The Work.
  • We Fix Your Car With Care.
  • Road Test To Make Sure The Job Has Been Done Perfectly.
  • Job Done.
  • We Wash & Vacuum The Car & Deliver It To You Anywhere in Dubai.

Call Our Service Adviser For Expert Opinion & More Information. 04 388 4881


Volkswagen General Repair & Service

Volkswagen Mechanical, Electrical, Body Repair Garage In Dubai. Volkswagen Quick Service, Major Service & Minor Service In Dubai.

Tools & Diagnostic

Volkswagen Computer Diagnostic

Volkswagen Computer Diagnostic and Reprogramming. Volkswagen Complete Scanning Garage.


Volkswagen Transmission/GearBox Garage

We Are Volkswagen Transmission/Gearbox Overhaul, Rebuild and Repair Garage in dubai.

Car Ac

Volkswagen AC Repair Garage

Volkswagen Complete Ac Repair & Service Garage In Dubai. Volkswagen Ac Gas Refill. Volkswagen Ac Compressor Repair Or Change Garage In Dubai.


Volkswagen Brakes Repair

We Provide Complete Volkswagen Brake Inspection. Volkswagen Brakes Repair, Service And Replacement Garage In Dubai.

Oil Change

Volkswagen Oil Change Service

Volkswagen Premium Quality Oil Change Service Garage In Dubai. Volkswagen Oil Top Up Service Garage In Dubai


Volkswagen Full Vehicle Inspection

We Provide Complete Volkswagen Inspection Garage. We Will Give You Complete Inspection Report.


Volkswagen Battery Replacement

We Will Provide Free Battery Inspection. We Can Also Replace the Battery Of Your Volkswagen.

Steering Repair

Volkswagen Steering Repair

All Kind Of Steering Leaking And Other Issue’s Will be Repaired Quickly.

Engine Repair Dubai

Volkswagen Engine Repair & Rebuild

We Are Specialist In Volkswagen Engine Repair, Engine Overhaul, Engine Change, Engine Rebuild, Engine Replace Garage In Dubai

Suspension Repair

Volkswagen Suspension Repair

We Are Providing Complete Volkswagen Suspension Repair Service Garage In Dubai

body shop

Volkswagen BodyShop

We Will Providing All Kind Of Volkswagen Full Paint And Scratches Repairing Garage In Dubai.

windscreen repair 1

Volkswagen Glass/Windscreen

We Are Providing All Kind Of Glass/ WindScreen Changing Facility In Dubai.

coolant flush dubai

Volkswagen Coolant Flush

We Are Providing Complete Volkswagen Coolant Flushing Facility In Dubai.

vehical modification dubai 1

Volkswagen Vehicle Modification

We Will Modify Your Volkswagen As Per Your Requirements. We Can Also Provide You Custom Design For You Volkswagen.


Volkswagen Leak Repair

All Kind Of Oil Leakage, Engine Leakage, Transmission Leakage, Suspension Leakage Will Be Repair Quickly.

Our Volkswagen Repair Menu

Volkswagen Servicing

    • Synthetic Motor Oil change
    • Oil filter change
    • Tire inflection check and correction
    • Brakes component inspection
    • Reset maintenance counter
    • Clean Air Filter
    • Clean A/C Filter
    • Check & Top Up Coolant Level
    • Top Up Brake Fluid
    • Check & Top Up Power Steering Fluid
    • Check Tire Pressure
    • Check  Transmission Fluid
    • Check Battery
    • 20K Service

      • Minor Service +

      • Replace cabin filter
      • Replace Air Filter
      • Rotate Tires
      • Check A/C Gas

      40K Service

      • 20k Service +
      • Replace Brake Fluid
      • Replace Coolant
      • Replace Brake Pads ( If Necessary )
      • Injector Cleaning & Throttle Body Cleaning

      60K Service

      • All 20k Service +
      • Replace Drive Belt
      • Replace Transmission oil & Filter
      • Replace A/c Gas
      • Replace A/C Filter
    • 80k Service

      • 20k Service +
      • Replace Air Filter
      • Rotate Tires
      • Check A/c Gas
      • Replace Brake Pads (If Necessary)
      • Replace Differential Oil
      • Transfer case oil
      • Replace Brake Fluid & Coolant
      • Injector Cleaning
      • Throttle Body Cleaning

      100K Service

      • 20K Service +
      • Replace Air Filter
      • Replace Timing Belts & Tensionier
      • A/C Servicing
      • Undercoating
      • Interior Detailing
      • Replace Hydraulic Oil * (If Equipped With Hydraulic Oil)
    • Free AC Inspection
    • AC Diagnostics & Repair
    • AC Maintenance & Gas Refill
    • AC Smell & Noise Repair
    • Fuel System Cleaning Service
    • Engine Efficiency Service
    • Injectors Cleaning Service 

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