Maybach in the UAE - Blend of German Luxury & Innovation

Maybach stands as a pinnacle of automotive luxury, a name that resonates with unmatched opulence and a rich legacy that dates back to the early 20th century. Born from the vision of crafting vehicles that are a testament to status and sophistication. Maybach offers an unparalleled driving experience, and this not only meets the high expectations for luxury in the UAE but exceeds them.

Each Maybach is a masterpiece, painstakingly assembled with the finest materials and overflowing with advanced features. In the UAE, where luxury cars are a common sight Maybach finds its perfect audience. Maybach, with its plush interiors, advanced features, and impeccable design, seamlessly fits into the fabric of the UAE’s vibrant car culture. 

A Look Back at Rich Legacy of Maybach

The History of Maybach & Merger with Mercedes

Maybach embarked on its storied journey in 1909, founded by Wilhelm Maybach and his son, Karl. The duo initially focused on the development of engines, but it wasn’t long before they ventured into the realm of luxury automobiles. This ambition led to the creation of cars that were far ahead of their time.

Throughout its early years, Maybach’s partnership with Daimler-Benz played a pivotal role in shaping its destiny. This collaboration, initiated in the 1920s, allowed Maybach to leverage Daimler-Benz’s extensive resources and expertise, further cementing its status as a purveyor of luxury automobiles.

The turn of the millennium marked a significant chapter in Maybach’s history with the introduction of modern luxury models. In 2002, Maybach re-emerged under the DaimlerChrysler umbrella (now Daimler AG), unveiling the Maybach 57 and 62 models. These vehicles were a modern interpretation of the brand’s founding principles.

The ultimate transformation came when Maybach was integrated into Mercedes-Benz as an ultra-luxury sub-brand. This move allowed Maybach to flourish under the Mercedes-Maybach moniker, combining Mercedes-Benz’s technological prowess with Maybach’s legendary luxury. Today, Mercedes-Maybach models represent the zenith of automotive luxury.

Maybach history

What's the starting price of Mercedes Maybach?

Popular Maybach Models

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

The quintessence of luxury sedans, the S-Class offers unparalleled comfort and technological sophistication. Its serene interior and advanced features make every journey an event. Starting at AED 635,000, it's the pinnacle of sedan luxury.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600

Merging the robustness of an SUV with Maybach luxury, the GLS 600 offers space, comfort, and power, making it ideal for both city roads and off-road adventures. Its opulent cabin ensures every drive is a lavish experience, with a starting price of AED 589,000.

Mercedes-Maybach S 650

This sedan is a masterpiece of performance and luxury, featuring a V12 engine for supreme power and a cabin that epitomizes opulence. Designed for those who demand the best, the S 650 starts at AED 744,000, offering unmatched elegance and performance.

Mercedes-Maybach S 580

Balancing dynamic performance with exquisite luxury, the S 580 provides a smooth and sophisticated driving experience. Its attention to detail and luxurious appointments set it apart in the luxury sedan market, with a starting price of AED 679,000.

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Dominance of Mercedes - A German Automaker

Exclusive Features of Maybach Models

Here are a few unique features of Maybach, that highlight its dedication to creating vehicles that are not just modes of transportation, but sanctuaries of luxury and innovation:

  • Ultra-wide Rear Doors: These doors are designed for ease of entry and exit, offering a grand welcome to the opulent interior that awaits inside, embodying the essence of convenience and luxury.

  • Executive Rear Seats: Tailored for comfort, these seats offer adjustments, massage functions, and memory settings, ensuring passengers enjoy a first-class experience with every journey.

  • Magic Sky Control Panoramic Sunroof: With the touch of a button, passengers can adjust the transparency of the sunroof, allowing for natural light when desired or privacy and shade at other times, blending technology with comfort seamlessly.

  • Rear Seat Entertainment System: This system provides endless hours of entertainment with high-definition screens, making long journeys enjoyable and relaxing for rear-seat passengers.

  • Refrigerator Compartment: A testament to the vehicle’s attention to luxury, this feature allows passengers to keep beverages chilled, adding an extra layer of comfort and convenience.

  • Fold-Out Tables: Crafted from the finest materials, these tables offer a stable surface for work or dining, embodying the vehicle’s versatile luxury.

  • Heated and Cooled Cup Holders: Keeping beverages at the perfect temperature, these cup holders ensure every sip is as refreshing or warming as desired, showcasing Maybach’s commitment to detail.

  • Air Balance Fragrance System: This system infuses the cabin with a subtle fragrance, enhancing the sensory experience and ensuring the interior always feels fresh and inviting.

Maybach issue

Technical Issues Faced by Mercedes Maybach

Owning a Maybach puts you in a league of your own, but even these luxurious machines aren’t immune to problems. Here are some technical issues that have been reported by Maybach owners:

  • Tech Glitches: Packed with cutting-edge features, Maybach’s infotainment systems and driver assistance functions can sometimes experience glitches or malfunctions. This can be frustrating, especially for features like navigation or collision avoidance.
  • Air Suspension Quirks: The air suspension, while offering a smooth ride, can develop leaks or sensor issues. These can cause the car to sag or ride unevenly, compromising the signature Maybach comfort.
  • Electrical System Malfunction: From infotainment system malfunctions to the erratic behavior of the digital displays, electrical problems have occasionally surfaced, affecting the overall driving experience.
  • Engine Management Sensors: Issues with engine sensors can sometimes lead to performance dips or unexpected warning lights, requiring professional diagnostics to resolve.

  • Air Conditioning System Faults: In a few instances, the climate control system has failed to maintain the desired cabin temperature, which is a key aspect of the comfort Maybach aims to provide.

  • Transmission Shift Delays: Some drivers have noted hesitation or delays in the automatic transmission’s shifting, detracting from the car’s otherwise smooth performance.

  • Noise from the Undercarriage: A less common but noted issue is unexpected noises coming from the undercarriage, potentially related to suspension or exhaust components.

While these issues can be a cause for concern, there’s good news. These problems can all be addressed by qualified technicians. The key is to find mechanics who specialize in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, like us. Our Mercedes experts are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain the integrity and performance of your Maybach

Maybach Global Sales

Maybach sale Trend

  • Estimated Maybach Sales in 2023: Maybach sold around 12,000 units globally in 2023, showcasing the brand’s enduring appeal in the luxury car market.

  • Growth or Decline from 2022: Compared to 2022, sales have grown by approximately 10%, indicating a positive trend and increasing demand for Maybach’s ultra-luxury vehicles.

  • Total Units Delivered from 2010 to 2020: Over the last decade, Maybach approximatly have delivered a total of 80,000 units, reflecting its niche position in the high-end luxury segment.

Maybach sale

Which car is worth buying in UAE?

Maybach Versus Other Luxury Brands

Maybach around the globe

When considering a Maybach for your next luxury vehicle, it’s wise to pause and evaluate how it stacks up against the competition. The ultra-luxury car market is rich with options, each brand offering its unique blend of opulence, technology, and performance.

  • Maybach vs. Rolls-Royce: Maybach is celebrated for its technological innovation and modern luxury, offering a blend of advanced features with classic elegance. Rolls-Royce, on the other hand, leans more towards bespoke craftsmanship and timeless design, offering unparalleled customization. While Maybach prides itself on cutting-edge amenities, Rolls-Royce focuses on handcrafted details and heritage.

  • Maybach vs. Bentley: Bentley offers a sportier approach to luxury, combining high performance with handcrafted interiors. Maybach, while also delivering on performance, tends to emphasize comfort and technological sophistication, making it more of a high-tech mobile sanctuary compared to Bentley’s blend of luxury and sportiness.

  • Maybach vs. Aston Martin: Aston Martin stands out for its iconic design and association with performance and prestige. Maybach competes by offering unmatched ride comfort and spacious interiors, appealing to those who prioritize technological innovation and passenger experience over the sporty and aggressive persona of Aston Martin.

In conclusion, choosing a Maybach over other luxury brands comes down to what you value most in a vehicle. Each of these brands brings something unique to the table, and Maybach’s blend of modern luxury and innovation makes it a standout choice for many, but the final decision is always yours to make.

Whats new we might see from Maybach?

The Future of Maybach

Maybach future

Maybach stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the luxury automotive sector, continuously pushing the boundaries to introduce new technologies that redefine the driving experience. Here is what future projects we might see soon: 

  • Electrification: With a keen eye on sustainability, Maybach is set to expand its electric vehicle offerings. This initiative will not only reduce the carbon footprint but also ensure that luxury and performance go hand-in-hand with environmental consciousness.

  • Autonomous Driving Features: Maybach is on the verge of integrating more advanced autonomous driving capabilities into its vehicles. These features aim to enhance safety and provide a more relaxed driving experience, allowing passengers to enjoy the luxury of their surroundings even more.

  • Advanced Infotainment Systems: The brand is expected to introduce next-generation infotainment systems that offer seamless connectivity, more intuitive interfaces, and personalized entertainment options, making every journey an unparalleled experience.

  • Innovative Materials: In its pursuit of luxury and sustainability, Maybach is exploring the use of novel materials for interiors that are not only eco-friendly but also elevate the aesthetic and tactile experience of the cabin.

  • Customization and Personalization: Recognizing the unique preferences of its clientele, Maybach plans to offer even more bespoke customization options, allowing owners to tailor their vehicles to their precise tastes and desires, down to the smallest detail.

The future of Maybach is bright as it continues to evolve, it promises to deliver experiences that are not only exclusive but also forward-thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybach FAQs

Maybach is a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz, specializing in ultra-luxury vehicles. While Mercedes-Benz offers a broad range of luxury cars, Maybach focuses on the pinnacle of luxury, customization, and comfort, targeting a niche segment of the market seeking the ultimate in automotive excellence.

As of the latest updates, Maybach has announced plans to introduce hybrid and electric models to its lineup, embracing the shift towards more sustainable luxury transportation. These future models will combine Maybach’s signature luxury with eco-friendly technology.

Maybach vehicles are available in select markets around the world, primarily in regions with a demand for ultra-luxury vehicles. It’s best to check with local Mercedes-Benz dealerships or the official Maybach website to confirm availability in your country.

Maybach interiors are renowned for their opulent materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and advanced technology. Features like hand-stitched leather, real wood trim, and bespoke entertainment systems set Maybach apart, offering unparalleled comfort and luxury.

Maybach vehicles are equipped with advanced suspension systems that adjust to driving conditions, ensuring a smooth and stable ride. Air suspension, in particular, contributes to a sensation of gliding over the road, regardless of bumps or irregularities.

Maybach vehicles can be serviced at specialized Mercedes-Benz service centers, where technicians trained in Maybach-specific technologies can provide maintenance and repairs, ensuring your vehicle receives the care it deserves.

Yes, there is a resale market for Maybach vehicles, though it’s more niche due to the brand’s exclusivity and high entry price. Maybach models tend to hold their value well, especially well-maintained vehicles with unique customizations, appealing to collectors and luxury car enthusiasts.

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