Mercedes G500 Pre-Purchase Inspection & Coolant System Repair

Vehicle Model: Mercedes G500

Issue Reported: Coolant system failure with coolant leakage outside the garage.

Recently, We had a Mercedes G500 that was coming for a pre-purchase inspection, and an unexpected turn of events that thankfully happened at the right place and time.

A customer brought in their Mercedes G500 for a pre-purchase inspection. They were considering buying it and wanted our expert eyes to give it a thorough check before finalizing the deal. Everything was scheduled, and the team was prepared to conduct a comprehensive assessment of this beast of a vehicle.

However, things didn’t go as smoothly as anticipated. Just as the G500 was about to enter our garage, something quite dramatic happened. The coolant system gave way, resulting in a spectacular coolant blast right outside our service bay. It was a mess – coolant was everywhere! While this was an unfortunate incident, it was a relief that it didn’t happen on the road, potentially putting the driver in a dangerous situation.

The incident turned our pre-purchase inspection into a more urgent repair job. Our team swiftly moved into action, diagnosing and addressing the issue with the professionalism and efficiency we’re known for.

Inspection and Service Performed:

  1. Initial Assessment:
    • Visual inspection of the coolant blast area.
    • Check for any external damage caused by the coolant blast.
  2. Coolant System Inspection:
    • Inspect radiator, hoses, and connections for damage or leaks.
    • Pressure test the cooling system to identify leaks or weak points.
    • Check radiator cap for proper functioning.
  3. Engine Inspection:
    • Examine the engine for any signs of overheating damage.
    • Check engine oil and other fluids for contamination.
  4. Radiator Service:
    • Remove and replace damaged radiator.
    • Flush the cooling system to remove debris and old coolant.
    • Install new coolant and bleed air from the system.
  5. Coolant Hose Replacement:
    • Replace all damaged or worn coolant hoses.
    • Ensure all connections and clamps are secure.
  6. Thermostat Inspection and Replacement:
    • Test thermostat operation.
    • Replace thermostat if faulty.
  7. System Test:
    • Run engine to operating temperature.
    • Monitor for leaks and proper cooling function.
    • Re-check coolant levels and adjust as necessary.
  8. Pre-Purchase Inspection:
    • Conduct a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection as originally requested.
    • Check brakes, suspension, transmission, electrical systems, and interior/exterior conditions.
    • Provide a detailed report on the vehicle’s condition, including any recommendations for further repairs or maintenance.
  9. Final Checks and Clean-Up:
    • Ensure all repairs are complete and the vehicle is in good working order.
    • Clean vehicle exterior to remove any coolant residue.

Additional Notes:

  • Advised customer on the importance of regular cooling system maintenance.
  • Informed customer of the findings from the pre-purchase inspection.


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